Discovering my Soul


I was locked in the emptiest reign of time.

The world would run but I couldn’t move.
I would see but I couldn’t feel.
That is when I knew, I couldn’t escape.
That is when I looked within myself & found the answer.

The answer to end my sufferings, for I knew I still had a SOUL.

©The Honest Fabler
©Artwork by @theartisticmess

Perfumer’s wrath

Perfumer’s wrath

The whole city loved the
perfumer’s famous perfume.

No one ever guessed it’s source would
be a dead girl’s body odour.

©The Honest Fabler
©Image Source- Google Images

Writing Tips #6 (The Power Of Foreshadowing)

Here comes the last and the most vital part to embellish your stories! With the power of foreshadowing, a writer can achieve that one thing they have took all the efforts for— Reader’s Interest. Before we begin, these are the previous tips to keep in mind before you plan to start your story.
#1 – Word Count and Story Length

#2 – Choosing the Genre/ Conceptualizing the Story
#3 – Sequencing the Plot
#4 – Character Development
#5 – First Person/ Second Person/ Third Person Narrative
#6 – The Power of Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing can be used in many different ways to generate interest & make the reader second guess the proceedings of the story. Here we would elaborate the different types of textbook foreshadowing and learn how to use them for our benefit.

The Wall (Concrete Foreshadowing)

As the name suggests, while using this type of foreshadowing you(as a writer) would explicitly warn the reader about the future. Personally, I like to call it the silence before the storm. It is mostly done when you want readers to be aware of something and thus give subtle hints about it. These hints, nevertheless, if left unused in the future, leads to forming plot holes. Thus disappointing the readers and losing trust from your narration skills.

A simple example:
If your characters are going to enter a fight which hasn’t yet started and you mention a weapon lying somewhere or hung on a wall, then it’s a clue for your readers to apprehend the fact that it’ll be used in the fight.

Prophecies (Fortune Foreshadowing)

This foreshadowing isn’t always in the form of a prophecy, but a way to predict the future in an unclear and unintelligible way. The predictions are commonly done to confuse the reader but usually turn true by the end of a story. The prophecies are mostly linked with the fate of the characters or system taken under consideration. These predictions explicitly giveaway the future to the reader but it’s never completely apprehended by them. Use it wisely and the readers would stick to your story by the end to see what happens.

A simple example:
If a prophecy is mentioned where the protagonist defeats an undefeatable antagonist, readers would be intrigued to see how it happens.

Flashback/ Flashforward (Evocative Foreshadowing)

At times when there are scenes which do not fit in the current happenings of the storyline, you would traditionally use a flashback/flash-forward to nudge readers with a clue that would have a prominent significance in the present timeline. Flashbacks and Flashforwards should be brief and relevant. Sometimes, they reveal the traits of a character.

A simple example:
In Robert Langdon’s series, author Dan Brown uses Flashback to reveal Robert Langdon’s fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia). Without the flashback, Robert’s claustrophobia would had been less significant and many important scenes would prove puzzling to the British author’s readers.

The Red Herring (False Foreshadowing)

Fallacy is the main factor of this foreshadowing. This type of foreshadowing is mostly used in detective mysteries. When you use this foreshadowing, you would raise suspicion in the mind of a reader towards something or someone that is far away from the actual culprit. It is one of the best ways to surprise a reader, since it makes them believe in things aren’t true but seem to be. When the curtains of fallacy are revealed, every false scene used by you should fall in place with the truth. Meaning that readers should believe that they never saw the hidden side of the whole situation and not that they were fooled by you.

A simple example:
A detective may suspect one of the characters to the culprit due to some facts that come up during the investigation. At times, in the end it maybe discovered that someone else other than that character is the culprit. Now, if you fail to make reason why the detective believed the wrong character was the culprit your readers would lose faith in the intelligence of the detective.

That brings us to the end of the Writing Tips series. If you’ve been keeping up with all of the parts, I’d really appreciate if you had your own tips for me or if these tips proved helpful to you. After all, the world is round and we all learn something or the other from each other. Thank you.

©The Honest Fabler
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White Lady

Every day passes without you in my life,
But not a moment passes without you in my heart .

Yes I Miss You…

Try to search you in every person I know.
You never go away,
You walk beside me every day.

Unseen, unheard but always near.
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Won’t you help me to cross the road?
Or help me sing a song?
Help me make others smile,
Or help me do everything you like me to do!

No I am not crying…

If tears could build a staircase up to heaven,
I’d come up there and be with you twenty-four seven.

Miss You White Horse…

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee
©Image Source – Google Images

One Lovely Blogger Award

One Lovely Blogger Award

A heartiest thanks to Juliana for this lovely award nomination! Do check out her amazing blog and I bet you’ll relate to every post on it!


  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 Facts About Me

  1. I like to skate.
  2. I’m a newborn fan of Heavy Metal and Rock!
  3. I love to try new food items. I don’t have any dislikes, everything edible is my favorite!
  4. I’m the only child in the family, so naturally, the most loved.
  5. I’m a good listener. The perks of being a writer, is that you’ve to learn from people. And to learn people you’ve to listen. But the best part of it? It makes you a good listener and people confide in you. *Touchwood* :’)
  6. I LOVE BOOKS. That must’ve come as a surprise.💥 (Sense the sarcasm, is needless. Hopefully)
  7. I started poems purely because I loved to rhyme. I never thought that my “thoughts” would be so meaningful unless I started making poems. Initially, I put together anything that rhymed, now, well not the same case. XD

Nominees for this award!

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Have a great day everyone!
Peace out!



Oh Deathly Anesthesia

That’s how I found

/by being dead for a while/

That we can aim to feel


And I mean everything as every single tangible,

And intangible matter with a potential Aesthetics within, post Poetics.

©The Honest Fabler – Pooja Mukherjee

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All I Pray For You

All I pray for you all day, all Night,
Is to blossom your life, no dark, all Light.

Provided with success, be always Delight.
Achieve the peak, get all the Might…

I will pray for you to fly like a Kite.
I will look above in the Sky, to never lose your sight.

You will rise above all glitter and shine!
I’ll hold you day and night, for you are mine.

©The Honest Fabler– Pooja Mukherjee
©Image source- Google Images

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee – PART III

Complete parts:

Author’s Note (Password: sister)










25 September, 2016

Dear Scarlett,

I can’t believe the exams were easy!! I’m not really sure if they had intentionally set such easy papers but it was great for me. I called mom to tell her about the exams, they were both glad. She informed me that they left Syria last month. It was the very next day that we spoke.

I became a little restless but she assured me that it was all planned and now we have our own house in the capital of Egypt, that is Cairo! I am overwhelmed. I’m still telling every friend of mine this news ever since the phonecall. But that wasn’t all about the phone call, mom even asked if I pray. I didn’t answer it but I know she knows the answer. I never liked to believe in God and now that the two of them don’t ask me to pray, I’m free to do as I please.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to disrespect neither of their beliefs it’s just that if there was an almighty omnipotent God the suffering over us would have never been caused nor would hundreds of thousands of people have lost their life and every earning in the futile wars.
I’m so tired to argue, I just want to enjoy tonight! Good night, we’re sneaking out tonight too! See ya soon.

26th September 2016

Dear Scarlett,

I’m going to tell you a secret, only on the condition that you won’t scold me. I know you’re going to scold me anyway but before that hear me out: Last night we smoked pot and got stoned. It was the first time I ever smoked anything but honestly the way I saw the world was amazing. I’ve never lost control over myself in such a way like yesterday. Coming back to the hostel room was a tough job since Azure and I could barely walk, Naveen luckily controlled himself and helped our way in.

This morning when I woke up I felt light headed and I sat on my bed for an hour wondering what I did was right or wrong. Initially trying to find the answer to the ethnicity of my actions of last night led to me an epiphany. The world doesn’t have any right or wrong. It is all about what we believe in.

Like, for someone who believes in one religion deeply and completely, sees an atheist as an absurd person or a person who can’t realize the power of god. Besides, an atheist thinks that a religious person is too old-fashioned to see that only one God cannot control the whole universe and make things happen from a miracle. Did you realize it, di! It is what happens always between mum and me. Everything in the world that is based on right or wrong is indeed based on the beliefs of the people.

There was a time when the great Galileo was under house-arrest to prove that our earth isn’t the center of everything, but later the beliefs of majority of the people were proved wrong. Ugh! Figuring out life is so difficult. Lucky are we that we only have to figure out the velocity of objects and currents. All hail engineers! *Sucks at evil laugh but still* HaHaHaHa. *Coughs* Okay, I suck really bad. I better get enough sleep for tomorrow’s football selection. Good night.  See ya soon.

1st October 2016

Dear Scarlett,
The study pressure is increasing! I’ll write to you soon. I am in the football team. Wait for my next letter. Good night.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images