After waking up this Sunday morning, I decided to dig in my nutella jar but found it to be almost empty. Which made me a little upset but then I wondered why happy moments in our life don’t stay forever. Funny how an empty nutella jar triggered such a deep thought in my mind.

But yes, if we all give a flashback on our lives, there’s always some moments which we wish to change. Which we wish never had happened or if we could erase them from our memories. It hurts me to admit but it’s indeed a fact that these embarrassing or hurtful memories are the most vital ones in our lives. The lack of happiness in those moments ignites our passion to be happier, to work harder and to get better. 

Better, the word itself means to improve. The moment you claim a moment of your life to be the best, you ultimately say you won’t get any better in the future. Mistakes are a part of life. Learn from them and move on and enjoy each phase of your life, for it won’t ever return.

If there were no ups and downs in the rollercoaster of life, what fun would it be to keep going on a plain ride?


So, if you find yourself fondling on your mistakes, let out a deep sigh, turn the lid and spread nutella on it. 😉

Peace out.


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