For centuries we’ve had numerous sightings of UFOs and “mysterious disappearances” of humans & animals alike. Some of these disappeared citizens have claimed to be abducted by aliens.

Some historians even believe that aliens were the ones who’ve helped our ancestors build the marvellous creations commonly known as “Wonders of the World” and other ingenious machines and games like chess.

Then what is it that stops their legacy to turn a reality from a dream?

You’ve guessed it right! Scientific evidence. The lack of scientific proof and the increasing number of hoaxes spread by locals to gain popularity has been highly disappointing. This has led to humans blindfolding themselves from the existence of aliens and treating it as a cringe-worthy topic of fools.(Or at times, a great sci-fi movie, smh.) But how ironic that we forget one small thing, the observable universe is 90 billion light years wide.

Apart from Milky Way it has countless numbers of galaxies and each of these galaxies have stars ranging from 100 bil.-1000 bil. But stars, comets, black holes, white holes, asteroids, or worm holes aren’t everything a galaxy consists of, it has one most essential seed for life- Planets. According to the estimates, the population of habitable planets in our whole universe go as high upto trillions.

Then why isn’t the space filled with spaceships & alien communities!?

The most crucial reason behind it is the expansion of our universe. Universe exapnds at a speed of 67 kms per second in every possible direction. Due to this, the galaxies that lie beyond the local group stay forever beyond our reach. Say you had a very fast space ship that would travel almost at the speed of light and you took off when earth’s atmosphere oxidized for the first time(~2.3 bil. Years ago.) then in today’s date(Feb 2017) you’d still be in the vast expanse of vacuum struggling to reach your desired galaxy.

The local group is a group that consists of 54 galaxies, including our Milky Way, and are mostly dwarfs. Our Milky Way, however, is an average sized spiral galaxy which has 20 billion sun like stars. One-fifth of these stars have a planet in the habitable zone. The habital zone is a distance which isn’t too close to the star nor too far. Even if 0.1% of these planets harboured life, we’ll have a million planets with life in our own galaxy!

So where are the aliens that want to destroy humanity or best case scenario, shake hands with us?

That’s where Fermi Paradox comes in. Fermi paradox is named after Enrico Fermi, who once quoted “Where is everyone?”

There have been varied attempts to explain this paradox, concluding each of them I know: The probability of intelligent extraterrestrial life is very rare but chances are they haven’t yet contacted us OR they are yet in their initial stage thus making it tough to even to interprete our simple signals.

And if the latter is true, then humanity might be the first species to advance as a civilization & explore interstellar travel.

There’s not enough knowledge that can prove that we’re alone in the whole universe and vice versa. But there’s only one way to find out! Until then we, thinkers, have no boundaries to our imaginations.

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