When We Believed in People

It feels unusually weird to accept the rare fact that some of our beautiful memories are linked with people who are worst for us. With whom once, every breath, every hour and every single day used to be magically astonishing.

Remember the time when we used to believe in every random homo sapien we came across?
Many would imagine that time to be Childhood. However, the real period when such a deviant predicament persisted was the time when we were naive.

When we flew within the boundaries of life holding a limited experience.
When we interacted with only a few countable people.

When we used to not fear the consequences of trusting someone.
When we were completely unaware of the beastly demons hiding behind their godly conjectures.

When we used to not fear if the promises made would be broken by someone.
When we never allowed a second thought to keep feelings for someone.

When we never felt like going on solo trips.
When getting ignored by a person made us remarkably uncomfortable,
Not like today when we are mature enough to make it anyway acceptable.

When tears were fake and laughs were real,
Not when we hid our tears,
and laughter was only ideal.

Β© The Honest Fabler β€” Radhika Ravindra
Β© Image Source β€” Google


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