​The world everywhere was sombre,

Still the mystical Paradise stood un-affected.

Enclosing within it calmness and protection from all the sins.

Bits of his vehemence broke with every step he took.

He didn’t stop, since he knew his only chance lay ahead of him, the Paradise.

He didn’t stop struggling through the modern desert, the work mountains and the concrete jungle, hiding as a prey from animus, envy, and malice even from the ones he thought were his allies.

He didn’t stop, since he knew no one in the grim world was selfless enough to provide a helping hand. 

He didn’t stop, because he knew his world was driven by madmen. A world blinded by avarice.

Aeons later when he reached the gateways of the Paradise, it was too late to enter. Too tiresome to take the final step, but he did make it.

The moment he entered the Paradise, the mirage blew away, no evil thought could reach his soul, no broken promise could make his heart ache nor could anyone steal his possessions.

Even the cost for this Paradise wasn’t something petty, 

For it was his life that he pledged to give in.


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