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We were only a couple minutes old when we started to express.
It wasn’t something we learnt.

It was something we were created with finesse.

Expressions which should have been awakened and optimized,
Were only beaten away and criticized.

We grow up to learn that it’s critical to be logical,
And it’s only logical to be critical.

Expressions portray vulnerability.
While vulnerability depicts weakness.

We start to strive from what we learn.
We detach ourselves from one’s to be attached.
And attach to what we’re trying to get detached from.

We realise many things aren’t real,
And real things aren’t many.

We hold on to feelings and souls so close.

And just when we realise someone’s eyes are on us,
We leave them all hanging midair no matter the vows.

All because we feel “feeble”
Oh but feeble only rhymes with “evil”.

We fail to discern that,
That’s what makes us human.

“Knowing that love is seldom about first impressions and
Rain is not just about lighting and thunder
Giving away all
Our tears and smiles.
Even when there’s a lot to surrender
Imagining what we can create
And creating things we can’t even imagine”

But what we do is
Cry when we’re happy
Laugh through the pain and call it joy.

We hurt others when we’re hurt and
Seem to earn pride in calling it satisfaction.
Our mortal sins and fatal flaws.

Words that soothe us, hurt others like claws.

Our envy, hatred, greed and lust.
Our desire for attention and ignorant trust.

Broken promises, misunderstood silence
Lose our ways to find ourselves

Neglecting the difference between
Innocence and violence.

Instead of being the way we’re and having fun,
We change our paths and just say “I’m done”.

Building rules and wrecking it, too.
Sometimes being human is the most inhumane thing we do.

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