What if I were a bird?
I’d wander free from the earth’s pull.
Even rest on the back of a bull.

What if I were a bull?
I’d graze all day on the fresh grass,
But give the warrior ants a way to pass.

What if I were an ant?
I’d live in peaceful colonies of my kin,
Feeding on the marvellous deer’s dead skin.

What if I were a deer?
Beautiful- is what I would be called.
I’d be so quick that a lion chasing me would turn bald.

What if I were a lion?
The king of the jungle and ruler of all.
I’d be so powerful that the elephant’s might would fall.

What if I were an elephant?
The biggest and toughest is what I’d be,
A man would pay to even get a glimpse of me.

But oh, I’m only a poet.
One who searches for a muse even when quiet.
My imagination is what makes me high.
Wings aren’t something I need to fly.

Hold my hand and step on board,
We’ll be anything our mind wants to mould.

©The Honest Fabler

©Cover credits-Google Images


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