The most awaited movie for Spidey fans, has finally let us have a sneak peak with an official trailer!

After waiting for decades to see our young superhero join forces with the “Mighty Avengers”, the first installment of the movie comes with the story of his journey to get working with them to save  earth. The trailer was something worth making us look forward for the movie with Robert Downey Jr.(Tony Stark) guiding Tom Holland(Peter/Spiderman) on what to do and what not to do in his unique style. 

As a comic reader the Little Upgrade to Spidey’s suit has been a real hype! To see the new suit with some old school features in a live action movie is the greatest gift to us from the movie makers. The image is a still from the first official trailer, where Spidey is seen saving a ship from breaking apart and the Lady Liberty in the back amidst the smoke. It’s going to be a long wait to see the movie in theaters on 7th July 2017. If you haven’t yet watched the trailer, here’s the link: Spiderman Homecoming Trailer(2016)

Peace out.

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