I don’t know how to thank you people enough for even reading what I write. I’m a little shaky, overwhelmed by gratefulness.
I started writing the blog exactly a month ago. It was technically because whatever I wrote on social medias, no one noticed it. Which was obvious since not many people knew I write.

This blog, oh this blog!, it’s the place where my write ups got an exposure, they’ve found home. Even if many people didn’t read it, I would had continued to write since I didn’t even imagine anyone would like it. That would had been a possible outcome, but the one that is real seems very unreal! From the last month, the followers have reached from 0 to 205(6 email followers) and 42 countries other than India have read it. This is the most wonderful thing I woke up to, this morning.

I believe this wasn’t only the outcome of my writings, it was because of the marvelous positive feedback from everyone. Especially deepikachaos-xd, mikaR.D Maya &  many others who have been there from the start!

Initially, I didn’t know what to write and thus the topics varied. But now I do know. I write poems & flash fictions of various genre. Exploring is what I like the most. Different character’s have different views, so naturally I like to write First Person Narratives. Third Person Narratives are great, too, they indeed show off the skills of the author & who doesn’t like to learn new things?

This reminds me of the on-going crime/mystery series I started a week ago. I know it’s latest part was extremely annoying since the lack of explanation, but don’t worry, it was intentional and today I’m going to post it’s final part. So stay tuned!

Thanks a lot, everyone. Your feedback means a lot to me. <3

Peace out.


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