As a person who’s fond of pets(fishes, in my case), losing even one seems saddening enough. I’ve took care of fishes since last 4 years. Currently I have 4 gold fishes(two of which are 3 years old and the other two a couple of years old.) and 2 freshwater sharks(both 3 years old.). Prior to this I’ve had the good fate of taking care of many other fishes but these are the ones who’ve stayed. The most recent ones are Herbie and Azure, both are Betta fishes. They’ve been closest to me since they were a birthday gift from a person very close to me. But last night when I returned home I realized, Azure has stepped in the afterlife. I hope his soul finds a solace and rests in peace.


You arrived on the day I turned old.
In the bright sunlight you gleamed so bold,
I adored you every morning as if you were gold.

The wings you had were the brightest blue,
Which is why I named you Azure.
Pronounced as Az-u-re(~ray) and not the classic “æʒ(j)ʊə”.

Never thought our journey would end so quick,
You’ve been with me in times thin and thick.

I promise, I’ll never forget you.
For ours was a bond stronger than superglue.

PS- Yes, I talked to my fishes(still do). No, I’m not crazy. I’m Aquaman *evil laugh*

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Google Images


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