Dabbing her gorgeous grey eyes with a tissue, she knew her devil angels are mocking her.

She has waited a while, that lasted for decades, to marry and leave her reserved family. No one else was happier than her when the day finally came.

A broad smile stuck on her face during exchanging rings,  and even while completing the seventh vow. Then what went wrong? She silently screams.

Yes she remembers it crystal clear. It was her father’s then mother’s then her annoying grandparents’ goodbye hug that made her realize what she’s losing. Her whole life has slipped through fingers like dry sand. It happened less than an hour ago.

And now she sits beside a man that she barely knows, one she’s now named after, and cries her heart out. Dabbing her gorgeous grey eyes with a tissue, she smiles at her naïve self and giddy ups for a new life to discover.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images


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