Unpaid-Loan of EnvironmentAn unpaid-loan is the most stressful thing in the world. But of course, to those who care to repay. A loan, left unpaid, leaves us with a feeling on uneasiness. A mindset, which constantly forces our attention to the incomplete thing. More or less, it is like a unfulfilled responsibility.

Loan is a mere borrow-return agreement. But the care is to be taken that the borrowed commodity is not exploited by you. Perhaps we have forgotten the same.

The world we live in is not an ancestral gift, but a loan approved and sanctioned by our future generations. We do not own this, but have borrowed it and are bound to revert it in the good condition that we got it in, if not better than that.

It is our responsibility to care for this beautiful gift but not forget it being an unpaid-loan, which we must return. Every single element of it, should be intact and should remain so. We have lost many of the precious parts of it, in form of various species getting extinct. However, the remaining elements should be conserved and protected with all our might.

This is gentle reminder that, your loan approved and sanctioned 4.543 billion years ago, remains unpaid. Please pay it back as soon as possible, or else your ability to enjoy its benefits will be cut out.


©The Honest FablerSarvesh Antapurkar

©Image Source — Google Images

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