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29 August, 2016

Dear sister,

Hello didi! I missed you a lot, did you miss me too? I thought of a name for you. I’ll name you Scarlett. The name Scarlett since recently I read the cult classic- Gone with the Wind. The name seems bold to me, exactly how I feel about you. By the way, did you know this book GWTW showcases a war, slavery and other such human grievances? It reminded me about the Syrian Civil War. I could completely relate with the feelings of the characters in the book, having no idea of when something will go wrong or if tomorrow would be safe to enjoy playing football with Ayman and the other buddies back home. But the case here is so much opposite, indeed mum dad were right. I like studying here and staying carefree from any other tensions.

Last night, the three of us managed to sneak out after curfew hours. It was raining, it felt so light against my skin as if it were dew drops. We rendezvoused with our other classmates who didn’t stay in the hostel and played football! It was all fun and games unless a pack of stray dogs started barking and chasing us while we played. It sounds funny now, except for the fact that those canine creatures scare the breath out of me. Okay, okay, I admit it. I have cynophobia.

That was my 3rd yawn! Now my eyes are watery, guess I should sleep. I just completed studying for the weekly test tomorrow. Wish me luck, good night. See ya soon.

30 August, 2016

Dear Scarlett,

Today’s weekly test proved that I’m getting good. Hoozah! Mum had called me this evening. She said, “Home seems better that you’re not around to irritate,” but as usual she couldn’t hold on to the lie and then broke down. “We miss you a lot, Awan.” We spent the next 10 minutes talking and then Dad talked, he told me that even he misses me! Now that’s news to me. He’s never said such things to me, not since I’ve hit puberty. Maybe this distance is indeed bringing us close together. They didn’t sound much worried about the war and so I didn’t ask. For as far as I know from reading the daily newspapers and channels I’m sure that they’re safe. I have my unit tests coming up, di. I’ll talk to you when the exams end. Take care and don’t miss me much. See ya soon, good night.

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