​The life I live is the toughest.
Isn’t this the same thought you have before going to bed on a bad day? 

Everyone lives a different lifestyle, have been raised by parents other than yours and even have different opinions from each other. But that doesn’t mean that our lives are any better or worse as compared to that of others. “Nothing’s new under the sun”, they say, which is indeed the truest line of all. In the last 200,000 years since modern humans have existed, we’ve always got better at learning things the hard way. We’re a species who always make mistakes before learning something. That’s how we are, that’s how everybody you know is. Stop giving your life a hard time by judging it with someone else’s who has a great instagram profile that makes you think they’re cool. Of course one might be cool, but that doesn’t mean their life is flawless, or even if it is, it is because they’ve worked hard and/or still do. You can never know a person better than they know themselves, so next time before telling that dude, who you think has a  girly handwriting and eventually might be gay, wait for a minute and look at yourself in the mirror.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I don’t mean to say that I’m a person who’s a saint amongst all and you’re the one at fault, but I’m just a person who’s fed up of people willing to feel superior by making others feel bad over how they live, what they choose to do, and how they look. I represent every person who has something special in them but can’t express it as our society’s termed it a “Taboo”when I say ‘Let us live the way we wish to.’ 

For some people this talk won’t mean a thing, while some wouldn’t even care enough to read. And it’s completely okay. Whatever the case be, remember that you’re the only person who can be you, so be the best at it.💜


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