Hello wonderful people,
honestly, I don’t want to count how long it has been since I posted a “proper blog” on THF – why? you can take a shot in the dark. But I’ve come to realize that in the chaos of growing up, and of moving onto different formats, I certainly appreciate the simplicity of a blog.
So, hear the bells ringing! This is not a drill – this is a revival!

The past 3-odd years have been a crucial building block in my life and long story short: I’m now studying Management at Technische Universität München since October 2021.
A considerable part of my life here has been invested in volunteering at a student initiative called 180 Degree Consulting, a non-profit Management Consultancy that has a global footprint, and leading EduCon Bros, a student initiative I started with two friends to help students in India pursue higher education in Germany.

So, what can you expect from this revival?

Well, you know the drill – poems, short series, fables and some of my conversations with really cool people!

But there’s a major highlight:

I’ve been speaking with multiple people over the same topics and questions, so why not make blog posts about these topics?! Here’s a glimpse of the challenges I took on that have been of some help to people over social medias and my circles:

Feel free to let me know what you would want to know about in the comments below or via LinkedIn. Keep a look out on Friday mornings for the upcoming posts!*

Post Script

It feels really good to be writing again and oh ! Ich hatte ganz vergessen, dass ich jetzt ein bisschen Deutsch spreche. Vielleicht liest du ja bald einen deutschen Blog, haha!

I’m super excited to share with you what comes ahead and hoping I can add value to your day, as always 🙂

*wind and weather permits

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