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THF Podcast EP1: Goin’ Back to My Roots

Hello, beautiful people! I hope this podcast finds you in health and happiness.

But I cannot take it anymore. Starting every blog with an apology for posting after an eternity of hibernation seems really mundane. So, starting today — I’m changing that.

It shouldn’t be a surprise but the past year has been a roller coaster ride for me, as an individual and as an artist. Yet there is one precious lesson that I have learnt:

What makes humans so special is their Stories.

Sounds cliché, right? Because it is the biggest cliché you’d hear in life.
Because there is so much meaning to it that our minds register it as just a try-hard philosophy.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to start The Honest Fabler Podcast to add more meaning to and to introduce a fresh perspective towards that lesson.

Why am I switching to a Podcast?

I have been meaning to create podcasts since the start of 2020. However, I never completed a cohesive recording and my voice was as monotonous as those text-to-speech AI we find on low-effort videos.

It all changed when I started practicing; and while I’m nowhere near perfect yet, I believe if I don’t start I would never improve.

What will be #THFPodcast about?

Here’s a small announcement I want to make: I recently completed my graduation in Engineering and have started working on my own Digital Marketing start-up as well as a Branding consultant to a couple of well-established firms.

Every day, I meet such brilliant minds and I learn such humbling lessons about life that I am overflowing with things to share with you guys!

And I believe that a Podcast Series would do justice to the conversations I have with some of the most passionate and most creative souls, who hustle

  • to leave a mark of their own in the society,
  • to change the business landscape of our nation and
  • to accomplish their life-long dreams!

There is truly a lot I’m looking forward to, and I hope it excites you the same. For now, I’ll keep it short. To go back to my lair and work on improving this episode’s mistakes that I’ll learn from you guys!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep hustling till we meet next time!

A HUGE thanks to…

Shreya Kondvilkar — an amazing artist who has created the beautiful album art for our THF Podcast and has always supported me to achieve better things!

Akash Nair — whose constant dissatisfaction with my efforts to record a podcast has resulted in the episode being listen-able! (Yes, he still doesn’t like the end product but I appreciate his critique the most!)

Jay Man — a kind artist; who birthed the beautiful intro and outro music Picket Fences and made it available in the public domain!

and YOU — honestly, without your love and support and response, I would’ve never imagined my pursuit of art could take me so far!

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