A Modern-Day Panchatantra: LearnAur | #THFPodcast | EP2

How’s it going, guys!? I’m super excited to present you the second episode of The Honest Fabler podcast!

For this episode, I have invited a really inspirational person who has helped me navigate through the start-up culture!

Our guest, Rupak Shah, has founded a brilliant initiative named LearnAur. Thanks to his team’s efforts, LearnAur has rightfully gained the title of “A Modern-Day Panchatantra”.  
This episode dives into the initial struggle of the brains behind the stories told by them! And we also expand on the narrative of how their struggle can help you ease your own. 

I’d also like to draw light upon a recent milestone achieved by LearnAur; They have crossed the 25,000-subscriber mark and their Short-Film — titled Unfold — garnered over 2.5+ million hits in just 3 months!

And this week, they are releasing another humble narrative to spread awareness about Suicide and the importance of mental health through a very unique story. You can check out the trailer here : Koshish.
Do make sure to let them know your thoughts and show your support by subscribing to their channel!

Right from the Podcast

❝Famous people will inspire you, but it is those strugglers, who you relate with, who will instruct you.❞

– Mr. Rupak Shah

This line came up during our conversation and has stuck with me ever since. What Mr. Rupak has said is something very accurate, very simple yet not very commonly acknowledged.

I assure you there are plenty more such lines that you would come across that will change your perspective. For the better!

As an endnote, I hope you relate with this episode. After all, I intend to draw a fresh perspective of our nation’s upcoming hustlers for you. So, I’d truly appreciate your feedback!

Have a great week ahead, take care and stay safe

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