Let’s sketch perfection, Mrs. Artist.

It’s been years that we’ve been together. I’ve seen you work day & night to get every stroke of the pencil perfectly rub against the canvas. All the frames in our room are filled with exuberant portraits and the liveliest landscapes. I love each of them, I do, but one thing I always wonder— Why isn’t your face on any of them?

The question’s easy to ask, than solve by myself, because I know your skills are a mixture of practice and talent. Yet, I would love to begin with the gift.

I’ll stare down the blank canvas, picturing which expression of yours shall I portray? I hope you don’t run into the room and ask me about it. It’ll be my surprise. I’ll sketch you from the perspective of my very own eyes.
I’ll start with your doll face, shouldn’t I? Then stretch your flicks down to your waist and leave just a strand falling on your face, the way I always like it. I’ll try to wing your liner and get those nerdy glasses blend in right with your Hazel eyes. For one thing I’m sure, I would never be able to pour the light & life they hold in them in to the canvas.
Overlooking your smile, I promise I’ll pay close attention to your every curve, as they conceal the paths to your juvenile heart. I’ll picture you naked to make it pure, but on a second thought I feel our wedding gown would be the cure. Dragging the white dress you came down the aisle, my heart skipped several beats and I pictured eternity being on your side.
I’ll make it monochromatic and cross my fingers for you to find it romantic. I’ll even add a butterfly on your smooth shoulder, to depict how tender is our love even when we’ve got older.
And then the final touch would make it a masterpiece!

But oh that was only a future, not a reality. In reality, all I can do is write. So I wrote you a masterpiece under the moon’s light, while you sleep on our bed by our baby’s side. I love you for the person you are, my artist. But one day I hope I gift you, your sketch and see you in delight!

Mr. Writer.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Google Images



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