Once when I was returning late back home after a long day, I came across a pet dog in my neighborhood who kept barking randomly at strangers. It was a German Shepherd, and probably an adult. It’s vicious teeth scared many and forced pedestrians to keep as much distance as they could. That night when I reached home, I casually brought up this topic at dinner. My cousin, who grew up with dogs told me about dog’s behaviour being similar to humans. 

“A dog is often like your child. If you keep criticizing it, reprimanding his doings and not even let him out for a walk, what do you expect him to turn into? A joyful buddy who’ll cheer you when you’re sad? That won’t happen unless you give him the equal amount of joy. You see, appreciation and love is the key to spread joy.”

Back then, none of my kin gave it another thought. But today, when I received a great number of good response from many of my friends and some other bloggers, I realized what my dear cousin truly meant.

Our lives have meaning when we do things we love, and above all when others appreciate it. Dale Carnegie, was the writer of “How to Win Friends & Influence People.” which was originally published in 1933 but still remains a bestseller. In this book, he has mentioned in every chapter & on each page how important it is to appreciate people. When we criticize someone, it’s natural that they would feel the need to justify their doing and not see the reason why they’re being bombarded. Carnegie even referred Thomas Hardy, a fine novelist, who left writing fiction forever only because of the criticism he faced. 

And if it’s true for dogs and humans, then it might be true for every living being. Thus, the next time when you want to tell someone to improve at something rather than criticizing them why not appreciate their effort and leave a happy trail. πŸ™‚


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