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A glimpse of our Past and Present

Life on Earth began millions of years ago. Ever since the first life form developed into a multi-cellular being, we have evolved into what we are today.

People wake up, dress up and go on about their day. The ones left to question the way our world works are children, or the scientists who are termed crazy.

Take a moment. Look around you, have you stopped questioning the ways of life? Well, d’you remember the time when pretending to like someone was absurd because “Hey! Stacey broke my favorite pencil. I won’t talk to her, ever!” was enough of a reason to break ties with Stacey?

In our world of pretense, we have accepted the wrongs solely because we don’t want people to think we don’t belong; that we don’t stand out in a crowd, and when I say “we”, I do include myself. We have sunken in the toxic standards so deep that the time I realized war is complete bullshit was when I read a post where u/notenoughcharact mentioned about explaining it to a five-year-old.

Life today has completely changed from life on our planet a millennium ago. It is no more a “survival of the fittest”, it is a “survival of the ones who can fit in”. Do you know what’s the craziest part of this trend? It’s that we have let ourselves be bullied into thinking that the plastics in the ocean, the rise of temperature throughout the world and global warming is solely because of our negligence towards garbage disposal.

I completely agree that we help reducing carbon emissions by choosing public transport over our own vehicles, but there is only so much we, as individuals, can achieve. Taking Germany as a prime example, more nations have to step in by shutting down their massive share of contribution in polluting our climate.

A glimpse of our Future

We know that the universe is young, we know that it grows ever so rapidly to make our minuscule existence even more unimportant but it is very important to realize we won’t live forever. It won’t affect our being in any way by knowing (or not) what happens to things beyond our reach.

What truly matters is realizing that we may never meet aliens, never create a colony on another planet. Nonetheless, that is okay. What isn’t okay, is living as if there won’t be another billions of humans coming after us. Humans who will use the resources that we don’t have in abundance.

The movie, Wall-E is a science-fiction that may actually become a reality and no, I’m not referring to the all-automated ship flying across the universe. Life on Earth will become a misery for our children and theirs, if people don’t accept that our world is changing. A change that will forever leave us scarred and change the face of humanity.

It’s still not the end, though; there’s still hope for us. So, how are you going help in shaping our future?

©The Honest Fabler  — Ashutosh Gursale
©Image Source — Ashutosh Gursale

This post and the illustration was inspired by the Youtube Channel : Melody Sheep’s – Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time


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