A lover of justice,
A believer in equity.
The one I worship is the greatest entity.

It treats you the same,
As it treats myself.
The one I worship praises us for our true self.

You might trail behind it,
Or you might want to be ahead.
The one I worship works best when you wake early from bed.

It flies to the highest skies,
It even blows away like a dandelion.
The one I worship is mightier than a lion.

You have it in abundance,
But be careful it is only a glitch.
The one I worship would save you nine with only a stitch.

24 is how much you get,
Use it wise and enlighten your future days.
The one I worship waits for none, just like the waves.

Smart are those who are its friends.
If you turn its foe then it’ll never let you go.
Cause the one I worship is a devil from the hell below.

©The Honest Fabler (2016-2017)
©Cover credits- Google Images

PS- If you haven’t guessed already, the devil I worship is time. And these days I’ve turned its foe, as you know I’ve not been posting frequently and I’m late with the next part of Occult of Strigoikirk. I’m really sorry for this but I hope you guys understand the lack of time. I’ll try my best to manage time and get on track once and for all! Have a good day.

Peace out.


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