From beginning of time I’m walking a journey too long.
It was I, who fixed my belongings that were wrong.

Never had anything fed by a silver spoon,
Perseverance has been my greatest boon.

I walk a straight path, neither a right nor a left.
This is the rhythm that I’ve always kept.

Initially I struggled but now I sign pay cheques,
It’s a story full of glory. My path to the apex.

Cars, planes villas are all I got,
But my heart aches for something I have not.

When I started the journey I didn’t know,
That the apex can’t be shared with friends, family or the unknown.

In the empire of my solitude I live,
Where to even fall asleep I need a sedative.

What is it about the human touch?
I’ve been starving for an epoch and I need it very much.

Is it too late for me to start again?
To take a turn from my straight path,
To make a memory I’ll reminisce whenever I bath.

Is it too late to live the life I would had?
Smile to the faces that won’t ever be sad.
Then I know for sure my hollow life won’t be as bad.

Today, I see around from the top.
For I know it isn’t always about being pure,

But about finding your broken heart a permanent cure.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images


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