In the past few days…

“Told you, I don’t know.”, Shiraz spat angrily. His face was a mixture of rage and arrogance. He had been called for inquiry several times during the past few days. The police had three main suspects – Shiraz, hooded man, and Charlie. Although, it was unlikely that Charlie would’ve killed Rick because even after analyzing that hypothetical situation, they couldn’t find a reason wherein Charlie would benefit from Rick’s death. But they hadn’t ruled off Charlie yet. The police had no leads on the man in the black cape.

This was the first instance in the peaceful town of Cambridge that someone was murdered. There were a lot of questions raised by the people. The Mayor, Mr. Adler, had handled the situation well by holding a community gathering and addressing the issue there, by assuring the people that the security in the town would be increased. But the media had obviously raised Adler’s chances of being the Mayor for the next term.


At the manor…


Meanwhile, Ariana had been behaving quite strangely in her home where she was on a lockdown due to security issues. Her black cape that she had used for sneaking out had been stashed in the back of her closet with the old and unused clothes. She had read about the people suspecting it was some black hooded man. And was very petrified that the police might reach her. She knew the consequences if that were to happen. Simon’s anger would know no bounds. He would probably lose in the election. Their parents and family would also be very angry with her for spoiling Simon’s chances at the campaign. They would probably disown her.

At Charlie’s house…


“I have to find out who killed Rick. If I don’t then the police might get to Ariana and she will be in deep trouble with her family.”, Charlie murmured. Charlie thought over the incident. He had replayed the scenario several times in his head. He couldn’t figure out who could have killed Rick since he hadn’t seen anyone leave the woods or enter it while they were there. Could it have been that someone was already present in the woods before they had arrived? But what was Rick doing there? The police had gone through Rick’s phone and found nothing suspicious in it. Charlie felt it must be Shiraz who killed Rick. But how could he kill Rick and get rid of any evidence against him and return to the crime scene so quickly? He might have taken the help of his accomplice. But the police had questioned his friend, too, who had been brought in from Rockville. He had an alibi so he had been ruled off the case for now. But it was possible that he had another accomplice who was still in the dark. “I have to get to the depth of this case!”, Charlie said with determination.


Unknown’s P.O.V.

I pulled out the cape and the knife that was haphazardly thrown in from the mess. This evidence has to destroyed as soon as possible. No one must know about this. It would risk everything that I’ve sacrificed and worked for.

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