An unexpected real life experience that happened recently(On 17/2/2017) gave me the perfect ending to a previous post of mine: Sophism Of Our Mind.

Disclaimer- Not everything is exactly as it happened. The events are exaggerated and have been presented with added humor and my imagination.

“She just won’t believe. Annie thinks I’ve had a concussion after the accident. I’ve been pondering on it for a long time, I need to get it out. Yes, I do. Thus, I’ve decided that if no human can answer my question then someone other than us has to.” I’m throwing out my frustration on the conference call, my wife- Annie has been keeping a track of my health since the time I “imagined” things according to her. This frustration has led me to take a step that seems to be my only solace.

My 3 best friends and our hunger for adventure in high-school. I still remember the times when we snuck out our houses to swim in the icy waters of the lake in our town.

“So what do you want us to do?” Seth’s voice is exactly as I recall, though I’ve seen his photos of recent years where stands like a huge grown man and a tiny moustache unlike his teenage-skinny-self.

“Are you proposing us to do the one thing that we always wanted to do?” Alden knows what I exactly mean and I can feel the approval in his tone.

“I’m against it!” Kade, the biggest chicken I’ve ever met, does what I predicted he’ll do. Though I’ve a way to get him ready.

“Did you even listen to what I’m proposing?”
“I don’t have to, I’m-”
“I’m talking about Ouija! The board we made but never used, I still have it!”

“Oh, yes you have it, of course you do, don’t you?” Seth sounds amazed, I hope he’ll agree if not Kade.

“Boo-yah! Name a place and date I’ve been in need of a vacation for a long time.” Alden’s the best!

“I’ll try. I’ve my first concert coming up, I’ll love if you guys attend it. We can go wherever you want the same night of the concert. How about that?”

“That’s great news! Our guitarist has finally took a step outta the corporate world, huh?” I can imagine Kade’s smile when he blushes, the corner of the lips go down instead of curling up.

“Yeah! We’re in dude, where and when, though?”

“Next Friday night, Isamba City’s central stadium.”

“Whoa! That’s pretty amazing, see you guys next week. I’ll do the bookings and mail the details to you. Take care, stay alive till next Friday. It was great talking to you after so long.”

“Sure thing. See ya, Andrew.” They say in unity and I hang up with a smile.

Time passes too slow these days. I’m early today, since I’ve to convince my Ann to let me go with my buddies. 

When she arrives, she seems to be exhausted. “What’s wrong, honey?” I ask her, taking her bag and making her rest on the couch.

“An operation had to be done a minute before my leaving time, the man fell from his 4th storey home, trying to save his cat. Oh, I’m so tired.”

“That’s wonderful!” I blurt and she gives me a tired dirty look. “I mean, wonderful since you saved a man and I’ve made you your favorite chocolate smoothie and pie!”

Her face lightens up after looking at the trays that I bring in.

“Here, have some.” I feed her the pie and then she finishes the smoothie with a smile.

“So, what did you do now?”

I do a pretentious laugh as if I don’t know what she’s talking about.

“Well, you’d be surprised to know that everything’s fine. No mistakes to cover for.” She certainly looks surprised.

“Oh wow. My hubby’s gaining back his charm. Let me award you for this.” She gets up and sits on my lap, her straight silky hair smell of the perfume that she uses after leaving the hospital.

“Actually-” I struggle to talk through her hair, “I wanted to tell you about my next week’s plan.”

She slips away, waiting for me to disappoint her surprise. “I’m going to Kade’s concert and then we four are planning on a vacation for 2 days. Thought it’ll help me feel better, what d’you think?”

“That’s wonderful!” What? “You’ll finally have a break from the daily routine, you know? I guess you should definitely go.”

“Ohh my, you’re the best give me a hug.” So she does and gets up to change.

“They’re all married right? I don’t want y’all to have a bachelor’s night.”

I laugh aloud. “Don’t worry, we’re all life long prisoners.”

The Finale would be posted in an hour, stay tuned!
©The Honest Fabler.
©Cover credits-Google Images.


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