The Society’s Wrath

She pressed her lips on my forehead for one last time and we parted on our own ways. My path is pretty predictable which brought us here; a stranger, telling you her life’s tale.

My life before I met her wasn’t as alive as latter. But once I met her, boy, oh boy! I swear my world changed. My heart started beating, my veins pumped blood like never before and I could see the world in a blur vision.

Days passed and she didn’t seem to notice me, yet. But one fine day, she noticed me and we entered a new chapter of my life.

She won’t stop talking to me even for a single day! It became our routine, she talked to me after waking up, while working and even before going down to sleep.

Everything was amazingly smooth. She also realized how amazing my kicks were. That was the time she smiled to herself and fantasized me as a world class football player. She thought I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I read her like a book, yes I did.

Now that it had been 5 months since we took morning walks, yoga classes and followed weird diets together for the sole purpose of staying fit. I don’t know how to put it but even after doing so many things together, she didn’t really know me nor had we met each other. I truly don’t know how to define our bond but it was something really special.

Good things don’t last long, her mother had whispered these words into her ear before they sent her to the hospital. Everything happened so rapidly, my tiny brain couldn’t comprehend it at that fast a rate.

Exactly 2 weeks after the hospital visit, my whole world collapsed.

They separated me from her, we were no more a single entity. They cut off the only bond of love we shared together. All of this happened, why? Only because I was a girl?

I had listened to few people claiming that our nation has reached new heights and has become “modern” but why does a nation even have to be “modern” to accept a girl like me?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? All of that happened yesterday night. I was completely covered in blood when she saw me for the first time. From head to toe. Struggling to breathe. And you know what she did?

She held me, while crying her lungs out, said that if it was upto her, things would’ve been different and that she always wanted me in spite of what her family and the society had to say. Lastly, she said that she’s sorry and kissed my forehead.

The next thing I remember is being dumped in a dustbin which was emptied in this dumpster where I met you, Moti, while you ravaged these wetlands for a treat. Poor you, you only found me.

Anyway, could you tell me why am I lying in a dumpster of an abortion clinic?

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