With the passing time and so he was realizing that he wasn’t made for the thing in which he was falling into. For he wasn’t meant to stay at a single place and spend his whole life in it. He wasn’t meant to stay there forever. It was not his cup of tea.

Fascinations were all around him since a long time then. And he had known all the ways he can go with. The options were of no short as well. Everything he had a passion for, was in front of him and yet he was there. Stationary. Unfortunstely he had no other choice but to do what he was forced into. There was pure helplessness that he was feeling. Helpless to pull himself out of the thing he was up with.

Sometimes, it is just that you have to do it. For, either it’s the only way and you have no other option. His was the same situation.

Passion would serve great and he will be happy, he thought but sooner then came another contemplation to fight with the previous. It was of a calling. To find his real calling. The sole and soul thing he was meant to be alive for. The purpose for his life. He had a deep believe that he knew what it was and unfortunately the only way to go to it,  was to follow the way that was imposed on him.

People around him never demoted him and few were his source of energy. Energy to do each and everything. He drew great inspirations and aspirations from them but again with people around comes in the thing called expectation and dependence. And follows them; dark.

To choose between his calling and passion was a battle he was fighting hard from both sides. Until he finally disclosed a simple and yet all changing and powerful fact. The fact that held so much strength that it put the great battle to an end. Rather an abrupt end.


He wasn’t meant to stay there. The life he was living was not definitely for him. He was meant to fly so high that the eagle would be ashamed of himself. He meant to do great things. Which would be so great that he will be remembered by the complete nation and perhaps the world itself. He was meant to leave his legacy. A legacy that will take his country to a place called incomparable.

But not all have the courage to fly that high. Some call it as nonsense and other unconquerable. But the truth remains untouched; they are afraid. Along with the disclosure of the fact he also knew that the calling of his passion was meant for him to stay alone forever. He won’t be able to live the life of a well-earned and a so-called successful man, as it is preferred without a second thought. His way will be a walk through fire, swim across the ocean of lava and climb up the mountain of purgatory to reach where his destiny lay.

He was ready and was determined.

All great things are simple and many can be expressed in simple words; FREEDOM, JUSTICE, HONOR, DUTY, MERCY, HOPE. –WINSTON CHURCHILL.

©The Honest FablerSarvesh Antapurkar

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