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Charlie couldn’t believe she killed him. How could she? He believed that she was an innocent person from the start! Never suspected that she would do such a thing. Now he can’t do anything. The cops are already on their way!


24 hours ago:

Charlie’s POV:

I was determined to find the murderer so that the cops wouldn’t get to Ariana. I had to find the murderer to protect her. I have called Ariana to check on her many times but the call hadn’t connected. Should I risk calling her house telephone? What if the mayor picks up the call? I’ll fabricate a story. I have to speak to her.

The call gets connected.
“Is the mayor at home?”
“No. Who’s speaking?”
“Is Ariana at home?”
“Can I know who’s speaking?
“I’m her friend. She hasn’t picked up my call since a few days now. So I was worried.”
“She doesn’t want to speak to anyone. Can I take your message?”
“Tell her that Charlie is on call. She won’t refuse to speak to me.”
“Okay. I’ll try. Please be on the line.”
I could hear noises in the background. Seems like she is talking to Ariana.
“Hello? Charlie? Is it you?”
“Ariana! How are you? Why aren’t you picking up my call? Is everything alright? Where’s your phone? Did something happen? I am very worried.”
“Charlie! No! Why did you call? Someone has come to know. I can’t speak to anyone. NO! Everything’s messed up. Everything will get destroyed. No. No.”
And the call got disconnected.

Ariana was crying on the call and murmuring things which weren’t making sense to me. What did she mean by someone came to know? Was she talking about us? Did the mayor come to know? I was getting more worried. I tried calling again but the line was disconnected.


I should keep an eye on the mayor. Observe him when he is at the manor. I don’t want him to hurt Ariana. She sounded very upset and unnerved. Ariana has a very fragile heart. She gets distressed very quickly. Her emotions can be very volatile and when they are, it becomes very difficult to handle her.


Starting now, I am packing essential things in my truck and will park near the manor. If I get a chance I will sneak into the lawn. I might get to see Ariana.



Ariana’s POV:

I cried and threw the phone away. “Nooo! No one must know about it. Everything will get destroyed.” Molly came towards me and tried to calm me down. “Go away, Molly! Don’t come near me. You’ll be in trouble!” Molly forced me into bed and rubbed my back. “Sleep, my child.”, Molly whispered. I was very tired and drowsy. I soon fell asleep and my nightmares began.


Charlie’s POV:

I’ve been watching the manor for a few hours now. The mayor just arrived with his security guard. I went to the lawn which is on the back side of the manor. There was a tall and sturdy tree which would give me a good view of the rear side of the manor. I climbed the tree with much difficulty and settled to keep a watch. An hour passed and I saw nothing suspicious. It was becoming dark.


The door at the back of the manor opened and the mayor came out followed by his security guard. He gave him something wrapped in some black bag. They were whispering something and I was too far away to catch any of the words. The mayor slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out a wad of notes to him. The guard nodded and took the money and the bag. Simon went back inside the manor while the guard walked on towards the garage. Why was Simon handing so much money to his guard? Was he trying to cover up something? What did the bag contain? Is the guard going to deliver that bag to someone? I should follow him.


I quickly got down the tree and ran to my truck. An old beat up car left the gates of the manor. I followed the car at a safe distance. He seemed to be going out of the town. I’ve been following him for half an hour now. We’ve reached the landfill where the garbage of the nearby towns was disposed. The car stopped and I parked it behind a tree which was far from the landfill. I got out of the truck and carefully came closer to the landfill. The man was gathering dry sticks and papers and creating a pit. He dumped out the contents of the bag into the pit that he made. I couldn’t clearly see anything but it was some black cloth and some shiny object.


I went closer and tried making out what it was. The guard lighted a matchstick and ignited a fire. He stood and saw it burn in flames. When it was turned into ashes, he turned back and left. I waited in the dark till he was no more in sight. I switched on the flashlight and ran up to the pit that he had dug and started uncovering the soil. I found a blackened knife. Why was he burning a knife? And what was the black cloth? Slowly, things became clear to me. I went back to my truck with all sort of theories in my head. But one thing became clear to me. It was Simon who was behind the murder.

I had to confront him. I drove back to his manor in speed. How dare he kill my cousin? I am going to uncover his dirty deeds in front of the town. Everyone must know his truth. I rang the cops and told them that I found the murderer. If they wanted to catch him then they should come at the mayor’s house immediately. I arrived at the manor. The guards asked me whom did I want to meet. I informed them that the police is on the way to arrest the mayor. “He should meet me immediately.”, I demanded. The guards got alert when I mentioned about cops. They called and informed at the manor. I was allowed to enter. I ran up the stairs to the manor and knocked. A lady opened the door and asked, “Who are you?” “I am here to see the mayor. Tell him the cops are on the way.”, I commanded. She let me in and told me to sit in the sitting room and went to call the mayor.


“What can I do for you?” Simon asked. “Let me tell you what you can do for me. You can start by confessing that you killed my cousin, Rick.”, I accused allegedly. “What nonsense! I haven’t killed anyone. Stop accusing me without any proof.” “I have the proof. And the cops are on the way to arrest you. The knife and cape that you gave your guard to destroy are with me.” I shouted. The mayor’s face twisted at this knowledge. “Think carefully before taking any step. I didn’t kill your cousin. Ariana did.” he said calmly. “What?! You monster! You’re using your wife now to cover your dirty work!?”, I yelled. “Calm down, Charlie. I am not lying. You can, in fact, ask my wife.”, he said confidently. “Molly! Get Ariana over here.”, he called.


In a few minutes, Ariana entered the room. Her eyes had lost color and had dark shadows under them. She looked thin and pale. “Ariana did you kill Rick?”, the mayor asked. “Nooo! Noo! This can’t be happening! I didn’t do anything. No. Please don’t do anything with me.”, she cried and ran towards the door. I blocked her way and held her shoulders firmly and asked her calmly, “Ariana, answer the question. Did you?” She looked into my eyes but couldn’t focus.” She started crying. “I didn’t mean to. I was protecting. My parents need the money. They are ill. Can’t let anything happen to them. I’ve no one except them. I had to do this.”, she cried.


“You stupid woman! You risked all my hard work and sacrifices. To protect my image, I even turned a blind eye towards your stupid affair with this man. You thought I didn’t know? I even tried to cover by burning your pieces of evidence. All because I didn’t want any scandals related to me.”, Simon bellowed. “You crazy woman. Why did you kill him?!”, he shouted and came for her. Ariana’s eyes became frantic and she freed herself from my hold and ran towards the window. Simon caught her by her hand and jerked her towards him. “Answer me, goddammit!”, he demanded. “Rick knew. He got to know about Charlie and me. Tried to blackmail me. I paid an assassinator to keep an eye on him. That half-witted man couldn’t even do the job properly. He didn’t know that I was nearby. I had instructed him to kill him if he gets a hand on some solid proof.”, her voice was devoid of any emotion. She didn’t sound like the Ariana I knew at all. “I needed your money for my parent’s treatment. And I couldn’t risk Rick exposing my affair. You would lose this election. I couldn’t afford it.”, she looked into her husband’s eyes.




Charlie couldn’t believe she killed him. How could she? He believed that she was an innocent person from the start! Never suspected that she would do such a thing. Now he can’t do anything. The cops are already on their way! The doorbell rang. Panic struck Ariana and she tried her best to get out of Simon’s hold. Someone must’ve opened the door and the police entered.

©The Honest Fabler – Riya Singh

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Who had you thought was the murderer? Let me know if you guessed it right! 😛

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