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11 January 2017

Dear Scarlett,

Punim hangs out with us! Hey di, we’re sort of a group now. Azure, Naveen, Punim, her friend Snehlata and myself. Since we all stay in hostel, it makes sense to hang out together. Punim is such a sweetheart! I find myself liking her more and more every day. She’s so slender yet so strong. She has a freaky black belt! Yesterday after dinner, she joined me on my night walk. We went to the cross section where the highways meet, and oh, I just couldn’t stop talking.

We’ve so much in common, too! Even her hometown is under the threat of war. The vintage Indo-Pak war for including Kashmir in their reign. *sighs* When will these high powers learn that war means destruction of both the sides participating in it? Or do they simply deny the truth? The working of the world is such complicated! I wish there was a cheat code to understand it. Now, I need to go. Our new semester is a little tough. I’ll write to you when I’ll be free. Good night. See ya soon.

26 May 2017

Dear Scarlett,

Oh my lovely lady I missed you a lot! Hey sister, it’s been so long since we talked. I missed you TONS! The exams are finally over. I’m feeling a sense of relief. It was such a crazy time. All the assignments and the projects. Uff. You’d be glad to know, Punim and I are now great friends. Remember how I said we’ve many things in common? Apparently it led us somewhere and now she’s like my kindred soul! I even told her how I felt about her initially, and the best thing that happened was that she confessed to me that even she had a crush on me!

When I’m with her, I’m completely a different person. I’m myself. It’s like she understands the way I function. She never judges me, that’s to top it all. And she’s wayyyyy too cool (I know I’m saying this a trillionth time) When we both are alone, we look out for cute girls and guys, too. But in the end we end up with each other, oh the irony. XD I’m glad to have a girl bestfriend. Oh, I forgot to tell you. It’s time to return home to our lovely parents! See ya soon.

24 December 2017

Dear Scarlett,

Hush, be quiet it’s about time!

Hey sisso, I just came back to our room, its 12:18 a.m. right now. I went to meet Punim, it’s her birthday today. When I started writing to you, I was taking you with me and that was 19 minutes earlier. So what happened in the meantime was: I took you with me, Punim and I had decided that we will share a secret to each other which we haven’t told anyone in the whole world. So, as expected I took you with me. I told her about you (she’s the first one to know about you) She is such an understanding human being. She didn’t even laugh at me, instead she found it cute.

I’m honored! And about her secret it was something so cute I want to keep it to myself. Sorry. I gifted her a brooch, she loved it! It was nothing compared to what she gifted me. She made a sketch of mine on my birthday and obviously I have it framed on my wall. I am going to sleep! This New Year’s Eve is going to be the first anniversary of our friendship so we’re planning to celebrate it in a grand way! Hope so it works out. See ya soon.
-Awan Alee

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