“You’re a liar, you never loved me.” She shrieked at me, holding back a nervous breakdown.                          “No. I cared for you more than anybody else, but you never saw it. You lived in your own utopia going around disrespecting my efforts to show you I cared, to show you how much I loved you, and how much you meant to me. You were never concerned if I loved you, until I stopped loving you. Don’t you see? You’ve hurted me time and again, but now, I can’t lose the last bits of self respect I’ve left with me.If you feel I didn’t love you, then so be it. But you should know that you were everything to me and still are, but I am afterall a human with a heart and bones. There’s only so much I can take. Good bye.”
But it was only a nightmare. 3 months had passed since she called him a liar and he still wishes he could tell her all he had burried in his heart.

The person I’m referring to, isn’t anyone or any guy in particular. It could be anyone. I’ve known many people closely who have experienced the same nightmare and wished they had said it at the right time.

But could unveiling your emotions out in the open change anything?

Yes. Though it won’t help fixing what’s wrong. It’d stop those recurring nightmares. It would stop the guilt of hurting your self-respect for someone who didn’t value you at all ’cause you were “fat” or “skinny” or not up to their “standards”. Caring about your self-respect doesn’t make one a selfish person, not at all. One can argue that you didn’t want to hurt the person more, but aren’t you a person as well? Don’t you have emotions, too?                                         Of course these are just my views and I may be wrong, but think again and give yourself a little more love and appreciation you need. You’re always worth being cared for, especially by yourself. 


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