the night we met, love


We met when we were Young,
Neither of us having an idea that faith had brought us a sun,
To light up the dark alcove of wrath and ache,
To generate feelings of love as calm as a lake.

You came as a blessing in disguise,
To remove the clouds of hurt from my dreary skies,
An ardency of romanticism was about to restart,
As your euphoric love drizzled rivers down my tender heart.

As the days passed one thing we knew,
Time flew and our love only grew,
Realizing your support would eternally come through,
I had finally found my new comfort in you.

The serenity of those late night talks,
And tranquility of our long trail walks,
That breathtaking night when billions of stars shined,
Every single moment spent with you is still intact in my mind.

When you kissed me like there was no refrain,
Leaving my lips drenched in a beautiful patch of stain,
All these moments still keep me engrossed,
After all, some memories are not meant to be lost.

© The Honest FablerRadhika Ravindra
© Image Source — Google

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