Radhika Ravindra, 18, is an engineering student who finds her harmony in visiting sea shores and getting applauded for her original works, like the building of words in her write-ups or a dish she just prepared at home.

She is a straight forward and forgiving person who doesn’t believe in keeping glitches against anyone for long. Apart from writing abstracts and microtales, her interest lies in watching thriller and marvel movies and is always enthusiastic for sudden unplanned trips. She might seem rude sometimes but her intentions never support hatred against anyone.

She is often found getting scolded by her friends for clicking countless photographs of random things (especially food) whenever they go out together. But she’s a type of person who won’t give a damn about what you think of her and will continue clicking snaps on her phone.

A practical person who always makes sure to stick to reality but considers it equally essential to fall into fantasy. After all, that’s how a writer’s existence can become prodigous and immortal.

Read her tales here, or get in touch with her by mailing her at: radhika.rr310@gmail.com