On the nights when I sleep alone,
missing you by my side,
the vacancy never fills up and sustains the void,
On such night you become my poetry.

At times when I see you,
the times when I forget to notice anything else,
when I’m full with you,
At such times you become my poetry.

On the days when you are down,
sad and upset,
and talking to me when you say,”thank you for cheering me up’
On such calls you become my poetry.

Just looking in your eyes,
resting my head on your shoulder,
when you caress my face with your fingers,
You become my poetry.

And then as I leave,
headed back to my field,
I get a knot in my throat and I can’t speak,
When I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, You become my poetry.

©The Honest FablerSarvesh Antapurkar

©Image Source — Google Images


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