Our hearts were as pure as gold,
I remember we were only 16 years old.

We thought our love was our world,
Little did we know that we could see just a fold.

Holding each other is how we stood,
Facing the obstacles as best as we could.

Making stories I stayed awake at night,
While you perfected the art of stroking the brush right.

We were so innocent, I remember,
Praising the tiniest milestones we’d conquer.

We went through days bright and dark,
Keeping the promise of completing the journey that we’ve embarked.

Oh, my Queen, you’ve made me the King.
I avow to you that your name would be written on my ring.

I might lose battles at times,
But I know you’ll always give me the right guidelines.

Shout for me from the heart whenever,
I’ll always come to you cause I’m yours, FOREVER.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- A greatly talented photographer friend of mine! I’d really want you guys to check out his awesome gallery on instagram at @psycho_ladka (Mihir Koyande)

Post script Update: 

A huge apology to the people who’ve reached me for collaborations. I’m up-to-date with the mails a little too late but I’ll surely accept every opportunity!✌️So if you’ve mailed me, then expect a mail from me within an hour. Thank you so much for the love!❤️


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