Dear Ombrophobic,

I hope this letter finds you in your strength and seeks the news of you holding strong against the only thing that you hate the most in this world; rain. I don’t have to wonder thinking about how possibly can anyone hate rains. And the reason is me being an ex-ombrophobic.

I know how disgusting it feels to go to work with your sock drenched in mud and water. Or how gloomy and lazy it feels on a rainy morning. I also know how stupid, people sound talking about rain, rather harping about it. And also, the social media. God! That was, perhaps the reason I disliked rains so much. No sooner the rain begins, and floods the drains, your social wall is full of every single person, posting plagiarised posts.

One day, irritated by these stupid stuff, abusing the rains, as I sat on my table in my cabin, my vision accidentally fell on the french window. And there, the stupid rain showed no signs of stopping. I got up from the chair, and went close to it. It felt nostalgic for some reason. And in that very moment, I was a kid again.

Seeing the two drops running down the window pane, I placed my bet on the right one to win. As then the parallax of my eyes shifted to the view outside the rain, then that of my mind sought it as the city bathing in rain. The view of the mighty sea all covered in the clouds which now were closer to the window of my cabin, sowed in a sense of peace, calming my heated up mind. And here, a bit or a bit more changed inside me. The phobia was replaced efficiently with philia.

Giving no second thought as I rushed to the street and got in the first taxi I could see, I was a kid, bubbling with excitement.

“Marine drive”, I told the driver, and he looked at me as I was a teen, with adrenaline rushing through me.

Perhaps, on one such day, you will feel so too. Perhaps, you will be stepping in my shoes too. Perhaps, you will be an ombrophilic too. One day.

-An ex-ombrophobic.


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