The air directly hit his face, dragging with it the untrimmed strands of hair and his bushy beard. His lips were dry, a few fresh cuts let out sour blood on the tip of his tongue.

What a day.‘ He let out a deep sigh, his words lost in the nothingness of the night. Taking a look inside the train’s car, he noticed he was alone except for a homeless man and a child sleeping on the floor.
At least he has someone to care for.‘ He pitied himself, looking at the two men with eyes full of grief. His mind travelled back to the night when the earthquake annihilated his home, along with his entire family. How he survived in the mess, is still a miracle.

That was 3 years ago, he has reached far from that now. Or so he likes to think so.
His family didn’t haunt him anymore, they’re nothing more than a bad dream. A bad dream that he’s reminded of when his days are sad, which is everyday.
After the disaster, he lived in an orphanage only to be sent in the home for “Special youth”, but he knew he wasn’t special. He was diseased.
Diseased with the tumor of his spiritual family. He talked to them, he listened to them blaming him for not accompanying them in the afterlife.

They would never stop.
Not when he was alone and never when he was being checked by the doctors. Nobody knew why he behaved so out of the norms, nobody gave it a try.

But, oh, she did. That was the reason why he sneaked out so late. She was coming to meet him.
She always talked to him through telepathy, kept him sane when his family scared the life out of him. Yet he never saw her. Not that it was necessary, for he knew tonight he’ll recognize her the moment he sees her.

And so he does, she’s right in front of his train’s door. He walks up to talk to her but she glides away from him.
“Nexa, wait!” He shouts her name, but she doesn’t stop. ‘Nobody loves a man who can’t care for his family.‘ It was his mother’s voice. ‘You let us die.’ His sister scratched her nails in the metal wall.
“Stop!” He screamed and saw Nexa’s aura alluring him. ‘I’m coming, dear.’ He said and jumped out of the door to touch her.
The moment he did, a layer of white silk gulped him in. There were no more screeching nails, nobody to blame but only Nexa’s lullaby and a cradle with peaceful sleep.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images
PS- Nexa is a personification of death.


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