Dear Valentine,
Sorry for being late, I know I’ll be late to meet you since it’s midnight and I’m not yet asleep. I even forgot to turn on the light in Ava’s room. She’s been having tough time sleeping alone and I’ve been putting her to the deeper part of sleep myself, lately.
Let’s not talk about me, let us talk about you! How are you? I know you’ve missed me cause I’ve missed you, too much. The last time we met, I truly enjoyed your birthday cake! I still feel the rich chocolaty taste of it and it makes my taste buds tickle. Not that I didn’t like my birthday cake, but yours was the best. Gladly, cakes don’t melt quickly in the winter season.
Are we going to have a cake tomorrow? I’m really confused on how to celebrate our day tomorrow and thus I’m writing this letter. I initially wanted to confess about not having a plan for tomorrow but I guess it would be too embarrassing.

I’m back! It’s 1 a.m. but *dramatically sighs* I finally have an idea! Don’t you think I should get to sleep and stop writing this letter? I don’t know why but it feels so indulging, wow! Why didn’t I ever write you a letter? A documentation of my undying love towards you. A piece of sentiment that we could cherish for life(Be it you or me).
Suddenly, I realize there are so many things that we’ve not done, together. Writing a letter is just one of them. Now, yes, I know we even had them planned but our situations won’t let us complete those so I’ve seized myself from hoping.
But do you remember how we used to stay up all night and talk to each other by making shadows on the curtains of our respective bedrooms? Or how we bunked our school once and got caught! We were so stupid to bunk school and hide in my house while we lived just across the street! Ohh, never did I wonder that I would laugh at it but now it just seems so juvenile. I feel like turning back into a kid and live those days along with you. At least then I’ll have you with me, always.

The time you went to graduate in a foreign country I thought it’ll all be over. The stories that I heard about people who went to study abroad seeded in me a sense of insecurity for us. But the day you returned, you were still mine. The long period that you hugged me at the airport, in front of our families, sure made people turn their heads and get a look at us. I didn’t care, though, nor did you and I know that’s where it all took a climb uphill.
Our parents knew each other, thus our marriage didn’t have a problem at all! A walk down the aisle on the Valentine’s Day and an “You do” was all it took to turn me into your Missus, but only we know how long we had to wait for it to happen. After 2 years of successful marriage conceiving Ava was helluva task! The burned herbs that you inhaled deteriorated the count and quality of your children, nevertheless, I remember how happy I was to finally hold tiny and healthy Ava in my hands. Her smile was something that was forged in our hearts, don’t you agree?
I know you do! She’s one smart kid, too. Her nursery teacher was shocked to come across her smartness when she solved a maths problem of the first grade, and how can I forget about her first play! We were such a happy bunch, why did it happen to us? Why! I still blame your God for this, though I know he doesn’t exist. I’m sorry for this, hon, but listen to me let’s not ruin the fun.

Truly blessed, we were, as you said.

But somewhere I knew that no such thing existed.  

And Indeed it turned true when you decided to follow a diet,

who told you to go and jog in the dawn’s quiet?

Three years ago when you left home for one such run,

you never returned for the morning tea and bun.

An hour later, I got a call from the hospital’s ER,

they told me that they’ve brought you in ’cause you were hit by a car.

Picked up Ava and hurried all the way.

Alas, I reached too late and failed to make you stay.

    When they pulled the oxygen mask off your mouth, I knew it wasn’t a dream. The night before you kissed us good night but now those lips stay still. You were buried six feet under, yet I know you always listen to me, for all the four times I come to visit you annually. Our three birthdays and tomorrow’s anniversary. That’s the only reason why I still struggle to be happy. You didn’t just leave me with an angel, you left behind a part of you. One that will always remind me of you. Happy Anniversary & a Valentine’s day, hubby. We miss you.

Yours Forever,
Eva Adams.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover Credits- Google Images


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