Hola amazing readers and fellow bloggers!

This is to tell you all something I’ve been planning to do since the time I got my very first 30 followers. I remember Deepika has been there since Honest Fabler had only 2 followers. Kudos to the humble soul and every person who has considered Honest Fabler good enough to be followed.

Now, back to the topic. Back then it was something I only dreamt of and said to myself “Bleh.”

Well, turns out I was wrong. And thus Today, it gives me immense pleasure and butterflies loaded with excitement to announce that-


will never be the same from this Saturday i.e. 15 April, 2017. WordPress has been the sweetest and the best community I’ve ever been a part of. Every single person here has the heart of gold & I consider myself lucky to meet such people as my peers. It’s all because of you guys that this is even happening. If it weren’t for your criticism and appreciation, I might’ve never took this step. Let’s not make you anymore curious because from 15 April 2017 The Honest Fabler will change it’s home. Didn’t guess it yet? Let’s say it: From 15 April, 2017 The Honest Fabler will be found at-


The reason of the hype is that I’m not getting a custom domain from WordPress, but a whole new independent website.
There’s nothing more that I could ask from you other than continuing this journey with me, just on a different address.

A bigggg thank you to everyone of you. You’re all my motivators.

Peace out 😍✌️

PS- Don’t worry the blog posts would be safely restored on the website and the ongoing series would continue, too.


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