From a sparrow’s hymn to a mother’s lullaby, I, music, become a significant part of your lives moments after you enter into this world.
You come across a variety of my genres and wonder why some of ’em got an incredible power to uplift your mood. You begin sorting out your favorites into a new playlist that you later become damn proud of.
Remarkable bands like Coldplay, Linkin Park or Queens make a special room inside your heart which bestows the utmost satisfaction whenever you reside into it. And that room acts like everything from a silent and romantic alcove to a groovy and rocking club, as per your mood.

I stimulate your brain by opening your exhausted mind’s doors
while accompanying you during tedious and tiresome routine chores.  

As every coin has two sides, I come with a yin and yang too. A particular music piece will be loved by some, while others will accuse them of having a choice so cumbersome.
Every person has a different taste in music: more the similarities, higher the friendship meter.

I become a subject of discussion almost everyday, So much so that whenever someone speaks ill  of A.R. Rahman or Eminem you tend to lose your mind.

While few sophomore girls yell to their counterparts “It’s the Taylor Swift songs and not her bunch of boyfriends that matter!”, other youth delves into different melodies to appreciate the heavenly bliss of a classic music piece.
Sometimes I prove to be a motivation, while other times I may bring peace to a distressed mind. Sometimes, you’ll feel like spending some time alone, but your definition of alone always ends up bringing me in.

And I’m sorry I must’ve hurt you by taking your mind back to those unpleasant memories through a song, but you still came back to me and I appreciate that. I appreciate how you still had faith in me to see more of what music could offer.

People come and go, some stay while some depart away. But come what may,
Unlike others, I won’t leave you. Forever.

© The Honest FablerRadhika Ravindra
© Image Source — Google


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