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Greetings, traveler!
Welcome, to the special edition of The Honest Fabler where you’re about to be enlightened with something you may have looked past all these years, or maybe you didn’t! In any case, it is a good place to start with. I truly hope you learn something new at the end of this post.

Now, what I’m talking about, is the day we celebrate 12 May of every year. The birthday of the Mother of Modern Nursing. The princess, who left her castle and dedicated her life to treating ill patients and war struck soldiers, — Florence Nightingale. I won’t be re-celebrating all her deeds but I would only like to mention her name so we know how great was her contribution to the world of nursing.

A pictorial representation of Florence Nightingale in a medical camp.

As a matter of fact, the reason why I came to know about the importance of her birthday was my Mother’s speech in her hospital. A lesser known fact is, my Mom is a Head Nurse of a Hospital in the suburbs of Mumbai. And thus, she was asked to deliver a speech to the staff members and inspire them.
Not so surprising, she asked me to write a speech for her and I did. However, I was a person who had looked past the Nurses Day. Be that as it may, I decided to study about it and not so surprisingly I’m in awe of Nightingale.

Consequently, I decided to dedicate this post and grab the opportunity of collaborating Mother’ day with Nurses Day, since my mother is a nurse! I’ve included the tiny piece I wrote for my mom’s speech.

I would like to mention, परिचारिका means Angelic Helper. The Marathi word for a Nurse.

|| परिचारिका ||

Angel म्हणजेच परी।
जेव्हा कुठल्या ही व्यक्ति ला आपण त्या परी ची पदवी देतो
तेव्हा ति काही सामान्य गोष्ट नही।
देवाचे ते दूत ज्यांना आपण परी म्हणतो, यांची बरोबरी फार कमी लोकांशी होते।
कधी कुठल्या प्रेमी ला ति परी त्याच्या प्रेमिकेत दिसते
तर कधी कुठल्या मुलाला त्याच्या आईत।
आता तुम्हीच मला सांगा जेव्हा हा शब्दच इतका आदरणीय आहे,
तर ति व्यक्ति जिच नाव Florence Nightingale होत, ति किती आदरणीय असेल।
त्यांच् नाव व त्यांच् काम इतक सुंदर होत की जणो ते त्या देवताच्या परिच आहेत।
म्हणून काल त्यांच्या वटदिवसा चा निमित्त मि आपण सर्वांना हेच संगेन
की एका नर्स ला कमी समजु नका,
कारण जर डॉक्टर एक देव आहे,
तर त्यांच्या मदति ला एक परिच कामी येऊ शकते
आणि तुमचे प्राण वाचवु शकते।

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