When the journey started I wasn’t sober,
but I still reminisce everything over & over.

[¹] I met ten step-brothers,
Each wore a bony hat crafted by their mothers.

[²] I climbed a tiny hill,
Looking around to find my Jill.

[³] The smooth bridge that followed wasn’t stable,
But my Jill awaited me so it had to be worth the trouble.

[] As I continued the ground turned wet,
“Softer & warmer is my Jill, I bet.”

[⁵]  Next was a desert with a single well,
With my every move it vibrated like a bell.

[⁶] Now, I could see the two domes of a temple.
My destination was close & I witnessed the hurdles crumple.

[⁷] The final slender wall was high,
Stopping wasn’t an option cause I had no time to cry.

[⁸] When my lips met hers, she knew I’m back.
Never going to leave her, cause I’m her Jack.

Anatomical Metaphors:

The first stanza-

Refers to the ten toes of the lover.

The second stanza-

Refers to the medial malleolus.(Ankle for non-biology speakers, like me.👻)

The third stanza-

Refers to the lower part of Jill’s legs.

The fourth stanza-

Refers to the thighs.(Enough said.)

The fifth stanza-

Refers to Jill’s abdomen and the belly.

The sixth stanza-

Refers to the breasts.

The seventh stanza-

Refers to the slender neck.

The eighth stanza-

Refers to her lips.

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover credits- Google Images


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