As a reader, organised stories and organised books fascinate me and so do “organised” everything.
So, assuming you’re new to The Honest Fabler, this is the perfect place to find what suits your genre!
Ladies, and gentlemen, let me Introduce you to the Fables.

Do mysteries fascinate you?

No, seriously do they? Cause if they don’t, then this mystery thriller is not something you’d be able to solve. Three school friends, three outré suicides, one prime suspect. Will he be proved guilty as charged? Follow the series of conversations in which the truth uncovers, only at:

Guilty as Charged

Genre: Mystery/Crime Thriller
Total Parts: 4 | Reading Time: ~20-25 minutes

Ever wanted to be lost in a world of the unknown?

Lost, isolated, forced to fight, helpless— is all that has happened of Aaron, now that he has entered a world unknown to him and his friends. A mixture of Irish mythology with the writer’s imagination, come dive in a world full of awe-inspiring wonders. PS- Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of ‘Strigoikirk’, you’ll understand it when you read:

Occult of Strigoikirk

Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy
Total Parts: 10 + Epilogue | Reading Time: ~55-60 minutes

Ever wish you had a sibling?


Read the lively excerpts from the diary of a youth who moves to a new country for further studies and goes through the highest UPs and the deepest DOWNs. All in all, a journey to find his eternal happiness in:

The Secret Sister of Awan Alee

Genre: Young Adult
Total Parts: 10 (Scheduled) | Reading time: ~5 minutes/each part.

Are you a beginner at writing?

Well I’m not a pro, either. But with practice and failures, comes experience which counts. So, hop on board our train to learn some writing tips, together!

Writing Tips

Genre: How to/ Tips
Total Parts: 6 (Scheduled) | Reading Time: ~25-30 minutes


Still couldn’t find a story that’ll suit you? Fear not, give these minimalist fables a read:


Genre: Various
Reading Time: Less than a minute for each.

Or if you love rhymes, like I do, don’t forget to read my poems!


Still didn’t find what you like? Ah, I pray you to enlighten me of such muses and I’ll make sure there’s something of your interest the next time you come around!