You look tired.

Weary. Lanky. Upset.

I see your eyes and I know it.

I know you are trying.

Trying to be strong.

And giving all you can.

It’s full of selflessness.

You are full of it.

And yet here you are.

All screwed and at the edge.

Verge of giving it up.

Everything around seems to resist you.

Resist the change in you.

And you end up doing what you think you won’t ever do.

You fight yourself over what is right and what is easy.

It’s dilemmatic. It’s tough. And most importantly, it’s not you.

You were clear always.

But no more.

You feel shadowed in your own dark.

But is this the end?

Well, you don’t know.

So wait not.

Keep fighting.

Fight for the right.

It won’t be easy.

Dumbuldor said so.

Just laugh out loud.

Look back and pat your back for the long way you have covered.

And plunge inside the dark. Light it up from within.

Or be a plankton.

Just glow.

Take it easy even when it’s not.

Sit back for a moment.

Listen to Calum Scott telling you that there’s a rhythm inside.

And then listen Katy Perry roaring and light up the fireworks.

Charge up and charge on.

Heads up and move in.

Light the dark from within.

©The Honest FablerSarvesh Antapurkar

©Image Source — Google Images


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