Haven’t you ever felt so?
Seeing things and not able to change the wrong.
But wrongs had always been there, then it dawns.
However, helplessness? Perhaps not.
Then what made the wrong to stay so?
Was it the silence?  Or had it been the rotten core?
To change the wrong the question always arrived
We ignore and name it helplessness. (Can that be denied?)
Aren’t we at the stage yet where we are aware of it and need to change it?
Or would it take some more sisters, homies and lovers to be molested before it?
Is it really the issue with the society as a whole?
Or is it just merely us on a personal chore?
It’s been long now. Long enough to bear and be helpless.
It’s time to make those wrong helpless.

©The Honest FablerSarvesh Antapurkar

©Image Source — Google Images

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