It’s a summer night, your Wi-Fi & A/C are working good. Your laptop and mobile are low on battery but you’re ever so thankful to your charger.  But what if, right now, there’s a blackout with no definite guarantee to come back any time soon?

(“But we’ve a generator, Ashutosh!” Imagine it isn’t working too.)

What would you do?

Sit alone in the room and wait for it come back like a vampire waiting for night to come? Then why not use this time to do things that you can’t do when you’re busy with your work!

This summer when there was a blackout in our city due to a huge short-circuit in a transformer, that’s exactly what I wanted to do but my lazy limbs didn’t wish to walk. If it wasn’t my grandma, who had come to visit us, to drop her glasses “accidentally” out of the window, maybe I wouldn’t even be writing this blog. After forcing me out of the house it took me another helping hand to find those glasses betwixt the flower garden. The person who helped me was a complete stranger. Only his voice, for me to imagine his face. His silhouette was of a broad shouldered 6 feet man, 3 inches taller than mine. The surprising factor was, he lived in the apartment above mine. And what a shame it was for me to meet him for the first time.(We’ve lived here for a year, now.) That night we didn’t return home. We wandered around for an hour or two, talking about our busy lives. He asked me about my college life and even reminisced his days.

It’s really funny for us to get so busy on the internet, that we forget there’s a life away from the world of web. A life which we exist in, but have our attention invested in the virtual world. There’s nothing wrong with it, though. But excess of anything can be harmful. And on that dark night, I found myself a friend from another generation. 🙂

Wish you guys a happy weekend!

Peace out.


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