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There is silence. Dr. Zelia Zhang is stupefied, but not completely. She’s analyzing Heinz Schofield, a man who’s been in solitude for quite a long time. A psychopath, she thinks. But he’s right, he cannot be able to do it on his own. No, Zel, no! If he’s a murderer of three then you know better than believing him.  She’s inclining on sentencing him as a psycho and leave, that’s not going to be an easy task, she knows.

Why did I tell her about hacking in police database. She won’t believe me, never. That’s what I always do, push people away who try to help me. There’s her secret with me, though. Of course, I can’t tell Dr. Zhang who’s giving me, a civilian, inside information. Heinz is blankly staring Zelia, her cat-like sharp eyes are penetrating him. Peeping his soul to see what’s inside. She’s going to think I’m the one. He almost laughs at the thought, Zelia bounces at his move.
‘It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.’ Heinz steps away from her, his trembling hands find his pockets.

‘I don’t feel good, Diablo. Shall we continue our session next time?’
‘Oh-‘ Heinz doesn’t know what to say, ‘Please don’t tell this to anyone.’
‘I’m a professional,’ She purses her lips and gets up. ‘I won’t-‘

They’re interrupted by the doorbell. Heinz’s face has lost all it’s colour, Zelia looks at him with an arched eyebrow.
‘I’ll get it.’ He rushes to the door.

Zelia’s heartbeat is running sky high. It’s his partner who helped in the murders. Now they’ll get rid of me. She takes a few heavy steps towards the door, enough to look at the dark haired woman standing on the other side.

‘Diablo! How have you been?’ Her voice is powerful, unlike her slender five and a half feet body frame. Grabbing the opportunity, Zelia takes her phone and informs her husband to get at apartment no. 402, Bloomy Heights, 14th Street & ASAP. 

‘Come in.’ Diablo turns to let the woman inside, Zelia drops her phone but no one else notices. She takes a seat on the couch next to Dr. Zhang, Diablo is standing, his stance gives Zelia a hint that he’s not much of an introverted individual right now & indeed when he speaks, his words are vivid, ‘This is my only friend. Who I rarely see due to her tedious job.’ He looks at her accusingly & she shrugs.
‘She’s a detective, and currently working on the “unusual homicides” of my former acquaintances.’

‘Are you sure it’s safe to tell her all this?’ She interrupts him. ‘It’s futile.’
‘It’s okay, Anne. She can’t tell anyone, there’s this confidentiality of the clients. And I trust her.’ Diablo declares bluntly, proving he knows what he’s doing. Zelia’s hoping her busy husband takes a look at the phone & rescue her, but now she’s a little less wary of being killed. I need to be a professional. Take a deep breath and fix yourself. Her posture stiffens & she’s back to being an intent listener that she’s always been.

‘This is Roxanne. The kindest soul I’ve ever met. She’s the only thing that has kept me from going insane.’ He laughs & pinches Roxanne’s cheek., ‘Thanks a lot for that.’ Now looking at Zelia. ‘You’re the second person I trust, Dr. Zhang.  I hope you don’t disappoint me.’

‘I won’t’ Zelia gives a smile.
‘The things I know about the case-‘ He looks for Roxanne to stop him, she nods instead. ‘I know them because 6 months ago, after Kane’s death, she told me about it.’ Zelia’s insides are calming, She’s on the good side, I hope Diablo is, too.

‘Anne has come to for a reason, there’s always one. So what is it now, Anne?’ The two of them look at her, anticipating what she has to say.

‘I’ve a new lead on the case.’


End of part 3.

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©Cover Credits- Google Images.


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