Facing the stars I could see the moonlight illuminate Adara’s face. Her deep blue eyes reflected the light just as bright. As moments passed, I failed to stop admiring her perfectly carved vessel for the beautiful soul within it.

What did Adara do all that time? She was unaware of my presence; of me admiring her; of me falling for her more and more everyday. She was lost, her mind wandering with the stars beyond the milky way.

The unfazed expression on her face seeded in me a majestic tree of curiosity.
“A penny for your thoughts?” I shrugged, hoping she doesn’t mind me breaking her train of thoughts.
As my words registered in her mind she stared at me with bewilderment. “Olivia, sorry I slipped out of the surroundings.”

“It’s okay, you can carry on.” I gave a light pat on her thigh and looked away to avoid an awkward situation. She shifted to the edge of her chair and partially leaned on me.
“I was wondering about something worth much more than a penny, Olivia.” Curling strands of hair around her long fingers, Adara winked.
“Shall I get you my credit card, now?” Her laugh was lively, just like herself. A person like her is one in millions, or billions? Perhaps.

“So here it goes.” Adara held my hand and caressed it. “I’ve been having these thoughts for a while, now.” An unusual pause grew my nervousness. “My thoughts right now are your concerns, anyway. I was feeling lonely. The cold breeze didn’t help either. But then…” She bit her lips and I was sure the Scotch had got the best of me.
“Then I pictured you get up,” She stood up and walked around. “& embrace me.” I had to be DRUNK! 
“You took me in your arms, yet we were still cold. So you climbed down, down this roof.” Her gestures were animated, pointing around the roof and down to my bedroom.

‘And then?’ I could hear my heart beating faster. “You returned with a blanket and a sleeping bag. We spent all night in the bag cuddling, sharing our warmth and gazing those stars.” She abruptly stopped.

“You wanna know the best part?” Of course I did. “Our lips never parted.” She traced my cheeks en route my lips and before I knew her tender lips soothed mine; her tongued sucked the soul out of my body; her hands tickling the inside of my thighs. My whole body felt a tremor.

“I—” “Shh..” She silenced me with another kiss. I couldn’t believe she loved me, too.

“Don’t utter a word. This night is never going to end for us, Olivia. It’ll be our eternal yearning.”

©The Honest Fabler
©Cover source- Google Images


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