Emberley – She who ran across the lane…

She, who ran across the lane, bumped my shoulder so hard that my slender arms dropped the weight of heavy books.

I wondered what could’ve possibly been the reason for a person to be rushing at an off-hour.
Frowning at the damp books, I carefully picked them up.
One fell really close to a man-hole, another straight in a puddle that last night’s rain must’ve created.

Just as I held the new hardcovers close to my chest, I heard a man standing near the bus stop whistle.
“Dickhead.” I gritted my teeth at him and pulled my skirt lower.
I’d always tell my sister that I hate girly clothes but she always insisted me to be more “lady-like”, given that I’m growing into a woman. I could obviously reject her, but my Dad would always side with her and make me give in to their requests.

That day, was the first day of my college. The first time I would leave my hometown to spend more than a vacation in the city.

When I finally found a seat in the bus, I carefully placed my books in my bag and banged my head with Slipknot.
I had taken the bus with my family to the city, but I was surprised with how long it took to reach the university alone. 11 and a half songs!

When I checked my hand-me-down watch of my late mother, I heaved a sigh of relief. It was only 30 past 10. I made my way to the cafeteria and had a Ham. Can’t deny I loved the ambience of the open seating while the clouds happily shadowed the burning sun, who gave me the worst tan all summer.

I checked my smartphone for the copy they mailed of the timetable, 139B. Philosophy. The instant regret of not sleeping on the way had the better of me.
Gotta get through the first hour, Cicilia. You can do it.

A little prep talk helped me survive the first 10 minutes in the class but the Professor was late. I half hoped he/she wouldn’t come at all but the other half was curious to see the university teach.
It was 11:11 when my life changed. The Professor who entered, carried a scintillating aura all around her.

My eyes were fixed on her sculpted face with such breathtaking eyes that seemed to pierce my soul.
Is this a dream?
“Good morning, class. I’m Emberley D’souza.” I fell in love. With her.

She, who ran across the lane.

Prompt: She who ran across the lane…
Image Prompt: Pinterest.

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