My ideal kind of death

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Well, I’m no expert on the subject, mainly because of the lack of experience, and also because of lack of formal study on the area, so I will go by what I have seen and heard. At one point, we all have wondered how we would die or how we would want to die. I have thought about it, too. And there are various situations by which I might die. But is there an ideal kind of death? It sounds stupid like asking what type of poisoned cake would you like. So there are various ways by which we can die and let’s go through some of them.

Slow death

The deaths caused by diseases like cancer, heart problems and numerous deadly diseases mostly end up with the patient on the hospital bed undergoing countless operations and tests. These kind of deaths are not only painful for the patient but also for the families and friends that have to be strong and watch their loved one be consumed by the fatal disease. Remember how many tissues you needed while watching Augustus die?

The fault in our stars

Romantic death

Wouldn’t it be peaceful to die in the arms of your loved one who also dies at about the same time? Your partner wouldn’t have to bear the grief alone and it would actually be quite miraculous. Just the way Noah and Allie died in The Notebook.

The Notebook


Imagine someone abducts you and robs you off. Just to make sure that you don’t tell them off to the police they decide to kill you. But for this to happen, you must have something that they don’t have. Maybe you’re a millionaire or they probably want your organs. The initial part of the organized murder might give thrills to a person who gets high on adrenaline but to most of us that would be the last way we would want to spend the final moments of our life.


There are some accidents by vehicles or electric shock by which you might die on the spot. That might not be painful, right? But what if you don’t die and have to be plastered and kept in the hospital until they deem you fit. That would be painful.

Mean Girls



This has to be by far the most peaceful and painless death. Death while sleeping must probably be quick and the ideal way of dying for those who love sleeping.


Who wouldn’t want to die while saving the world? I’m sure the ones who are passionate about doing something remarkable for the society or the army who is sacrificing for its citizens would feel satisfied if they die an honourable death.

Ahem, SPOlLER ALERT, ahem. It was a heart touching end to The rise of the planet of apes when Caesar died from his wounds after leading his people to a promised land. I hope y’all have watched Rise of the planet of apes. And if not then do give it a shot. It’s an awesome movie.

The rise of the planet of apes

So here are a few ways by which people die. And my kind of ideal death would be the romantic death or due to a heart attack. Yeah, I guess I’m a sucker for romance. xD

What is your ideal kind of death? xD

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