It was a cold and silent night,

With hundreds of stars visible to my sight,

Meeting you after half a hectic month,

I knew I’ll be falling for you all over again, at once.


My ears pleased to hear your voice,

For it was a melody which made me rejoice,

The golden halo that radiated from your eyes,

Sheltered a mystic power of keeping me awake, an entire night.


It felt so soft and warm,

When you smiled and held my arm,

As you pulled my body and soul so close,

It felt as if I landed on soft petals of a rose.


Driving the ambiance burn with romance,

Invoking the feeling to begin our slow dance,

Your aesthetic touch sending chills down my spine,

I held thy hands tight to assert you are only mine.


Cherishing each second of your presence,

Gifting me a vibe so breathtaking and pleasant,

Feeling the grandeur of your warm embrace,

You were about to set my heart ablaze.


The soothing kiss wetting my lips,

Tempting me to go for more romantic trips,

With a blossoming soul and love filled heart,

I believe nothing can easily drift us apart.

© The Honest FablerRadhika Ravindra
© Image Source — Google


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