Best Friends

Who knew we would become best friends,
For I remember I used to hate you on the very first glance.
But days passed and our bond strengthened in the friendly weather,
When we shared both our grievances and fun together.

Playing pranks on random people had its own fun,
From painting unconscious faces to ringing doorbells and then run,
When phone calls made us lose count of time,
Sharing secrets and mischief made you my partner in crime.

Hanging out devouring on a pizza or two,
I would know I was having the best time with you,
Teasing our mutuals or bursting out with laughter,
Who knew those ecstatic times won’t last thereafter.

School life came to an end & we parted ways for our future,
Promising to remember each other and leaving behind wonderful memories to nurture.

Lifestyle got busy, days passed and we didn’t meet,
But the affection still remained the same when we again planned to greet.
Doesn’t really happen between just any set of ordinary friends,
But only with those who needn’t care to be forgotten by their golden best friends.

Funny how hating the same people strengthened our majestic bond of friendship,
And having similar taste in movies contributed further to make the best of our relationship.
And whenever you feel low, spending time with a best friend gives your dreary mood an uplift,
Cherish such moments forever, ’cause you can’t be thankful enough for such an extraordinary gift.

© The Honest FablerRadhika Ravindra
© Image Source — Google


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